Young Parent Child Care Program

The Young Parent Program is designed to assist teen parents with self-sufficiency and success in meeting their individual goals for completion of school or employment, as well their parenting goals. The Young Parent Coordinator meets with the teen parent, identifies strengths and challenges, and assists the teen parent in meeting these goals.  The Coordinator and the teen select child care services, choosing from center based programs and family child care homes.

We provide:

  • Weekly meetings and counseling
  • On-going parent education
  • Home visits
  • Case management, advocacy and referrals to community services
  • Group activities and discussions
  • Child care for children in center based programs or family child care homes
  • Transportation, if needed

Positive Outcomes:

  • Increase in parenting skills
  • Completion of high school or GED
  • Job training
  • Finding and maintaining employment
  • Assistance with advance college courses
  • Improved self sufficiency and stabilization
  • Reduction of second pregnancies

This service is FREE with no income eligibility guidelines.

Funded by the Massachusetts Department of Early Care and Education

Who is eligible?
Age: Teen – 20 years old … needs to be (or wants to become) enrolled full time in high school , GED program,
higher education, job training, or employment.

Requirements for teen parents:
Must have a service need of a minimum of 20 hrs. a week (high school, GED
program, higher education, job training, employment .. and job search if approved).

Spend 1 hour per month participating in child’s progress with provider.

Must spend 8 hours per month participating in life skills or parenting trainings, Healthy Families groups (or
meeting with a worker, if applicable), community activities/events, career planning and any other activity
approved by the Coordinator. (please note that time spent meeting with the YPCCP Coordinator may be
included within the 8 hour time frame).


CCB has offered the comprehensive services to teen parents and their families since 1985.