Norman Rockwell Early Childhood Center

The Norman Rockwell Early Childhood Center is located at 88 South Street in Pittsfield for the convenience of families from the community.

Daily out door activities

We strive to offer children a variety of learning opportunities through planned daily activities, positive social interactions and caregiving routines. We create a nurturing and safe environment in which children can develop cognitively as well as social and emotionally. We believe in the value of play and make it an essential part of our early childhood curriculum. Children spend the day in separate classrooms, on walks around the community (including visits to the Berkshire Museum) or in our fenced-in play yard. The Norman Rockwell Center has been in operation since 1981.

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Science and Magnet play

Teddy Bear Picnic Family Event

We provide:

  • A daily routine that includes play time, discovery time, music and story telling, rest-time and outdoor time
  • A literacy-based curriculum that promotes language and pre-reading skills
  • Math, science and art activities

    Dress Up Time for Little Ladybugs

  • Additional staff in the preschool classroom so that children can benefit from individual attention
  • Children and teacher eat in a family-style setting in the classrooms
  • Morning and afternoon snacks (Parents send in lunches)
  • Parent education and involvement activities
  • Newsletters and activities to do in the home
  • Field trips to museums, apple orchards, and pumpkin farms
  • Progress reports and parent teacher conferences
  • Assistance with transition to kindergarten

Wonders of Nature

Our staff is:

  • Warm, friendly and respectful
  • Well trained in child development
  • Certified in First Aid and CPR

    Pink Elephants at the Halloween Parade

  • Very experienced
  • Support staff includes resources teachers and licensed social workers

Children are offered:

  • Hands on experiences to explore, to paint, to discover and to problem solve
  • Opportunities to learn self-help skills and independence
  • Opportunities to make new friends and develop socialization skills
  • Opportunities to run, jump, skip, slide, and swing to develop physically

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in the daily routine. Please visit the classroom, have lunch with your child, join an activity or simply say “hello”.

Child Care of the Berkshires  offers full and part time child care, at competitive rates. We offer discounts and scholarships, based on need. We discount for siblings who are here  full-time, and  enrolled through a state subsidy.  We accept child care vouchers and certificates.

Licensed for:

  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers

Licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) and NAEYC accredited.

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Baking in the Toddler Room

STEM exploration

A visit to the new Aquarium at the Berkshire Museum