President & CEO

Anne Nemetz-CarlsonAnne Nemetz-Carlson, M.A.

Anne Nemetz-Carlson has been the President/CEO of Child Care of the Berkshires since 1983.  She has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a BA degree in American Studies, both degrees from the University of Michigan.  Prior to joining CCB, she had worked as a teacher in several child care centers, as an education specialist and as a child care program director.  She was an adjunct professor in the field of early child education for MCLA, Berkshire Community College, Southern Vermont College and Kellogg Community College (Michigan), teaching curriculum, programming for infants and toddlers and child care administration courses.  Her volunteer work includes nine years on the Williamstown Elementary School Committee and four years on the Northern Berkshire Health Systems Quality Committee.  She is currently the Secretary of the Board of Directors of MADCA (Massachusetts Association of the Day Care Agencies) and Program Committee of the Children’s Trust Fund.  Anne served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Marshall Islands, where she taught English as a second language in a small missionary elementary school.   Under her leadership, CCB has grown in size, increasing the number and variety of programming; she has overseen the addition of the Resources for Child Care Program, the Williams College Children’s Center, the Parenting Partnership Program, the Community Partnership Program, the Family Net/Family Resource Center, the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program and the Parent-Child Home Program.  The agency budget has grown from $1 million to $5 million dollars since 1983.